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Are the Expensive Blenders Worth the price?

I agree that buying a blender like the Vitamix or Blendtec, costing more than $450, sounds like a damn expensive equipement. But now that I am a proud owner of the powerful Vitamix blender, I can tell you that the quality, taste and effortless functioning makes the buy totally worth the price.

I know that I am fortunate to be able to buy one of these not-so-cheap-mean machines, but everytime I use it the thought always crosses my mind that why didn’t I think of investing in one of these earlier.If I have dared to venture into the smoothie and healthy foodland it isonly because of the power and ease of use of my Vitamix.

During my teenage years,the concept ofhealth for me was limited to pimples and tanning. Only lately health has been marked to have a much broader meaning in my dictionary, and I am working everyday to understand it better in terms of my body and my family’s nutrition. I have stopped compromising when it comes tohealthand foodand my powerful blender is a way of saying just that.

If you are trying to compare a Vitamix to any other old technology machines, let me tell you that it is not an easy job to compare Jimmy Choo shoes with a Roxy shoes.

Some features that might help you to make an informed decision –

Precision engineering

A Vitamix blender is the benchmark for precision engineering complete with its motor, container, and blades working in perfect harmony. The 64-oz larger capacity container is slightly curved at the bottom to create a vortex that pulls food through the dull blades.

The reason is that the Vitamix blender does not chop or sliceunlike most blenders. Instead, the angled blades, with speeds up to 240 miles per hour, simply crusheverything that goes inside.

Ten variable speeds allow you to professionally control the consistency everytime of your densest smoothies to thesmooth nut butters.

It is so versatile that it can blend anything

A Vitamix blender is so much more than just your regular blender. With these high speed blender you can make raw and cooked soups, raw and cooked sauces, dips, puddings, nut butters, flours, spices, ice creams, bread dough, margarita, spreads, raw cheeses, baby food purees, batters, raw crust and more. Your creativity is the limit with these power machines.

It is a great way to reduce the number of equipment you maintain in the kitchen given its versatility.

Improved Nutrition with better taste and texture

These big dog blenders have dull blades with powerfull motors. It means is that while you blend, it takes lesser time, exposing your food to lesser air and heat. This means that the nutrition of the food is retained better and get a better quality result. sWould you like your green juice tasting like partially-blended green salad. Fully melded and emulsified soups, smoothies and sauces taste surprising better.

Powerful enough to even heat your food while blending

The process creates enough friction to boil soup. “They are essentially bashing the materials to death,” says Greg Moores, Vitamix’s vice president for engineering, “breaking down the cell walls to emulsify them at a molecular level. Theoretically, this is healthier for you because it emulsifies plant matter more than your teeth can by chewing it.”

Durable as heck

How many blenders can you name that come with 5-7 years full warranty?Their warranty covers parts, performance, and return shipping both ways. The container is made from durable, break resitant plastic that is made to last upto 3 times longer that the leading competitor. The blades are made from hardened stainless steel which are not only strong but last much longer. The metal drive system that connects the container to the motor base also have a longer lifespan.

Ease-of-use and low maintenance

Cleaning up these powerful machines is a breeze. Just add some warm water and hit the pulse button to clean the most greasy and sticky mess. Rinse it off and you are done. Blendtec also comes with preprogrammed blending cycles that makes recipes like sauces and soups with the touch of a button. These automatic blend cycles makes it easy for you to blend without having to remember how long and at what speed you need for the recipe.

Happy Blending!

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